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Lotfi Lamrani, Founder & Managing Director:

Lotfi Lamrani is a cross-cultural facilitator, from heading up marketing initiatives, to working as a carpenter in his little shop, to founding non-profit organizations in Morocco and serving as Line Production Manager and Assistant Producer of awarding Cross cultural and social Documentaries and Films. His energies are devoted to Leading a positive revolution of leadership in Morocco and promoting goodwill between cultures and promoting peace, tolerance and coexistence through international networking and cultural exchange initiatives, panel discussions, cultural tours and workshops, parents and teachers associations involvement, community service projects and advocacy for children and women issues in Morocco.

  • Honorary Speaker in and outside Morocco:

In the USA at Elon University NC, Bush School in Texas, Hamline University, Minnesota, Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, University of Mary Land and others.

  • Honorary Speaker (In the scope of “Interfaith dialogue and goodwill”) at:

First – plymouth congregregational church of christ Nebraska and other Churches in Baltimore and Virginia USA.

Abdelrim El Khyaty: Director Assistant.

“Karim” is an out standing business man

and outstanding social entrepreneur. His change making initiatives his community and country.

Amanda Stueve, Director of North America Relations

Ms. Stueve is responsible for recruiting and assisting with all exchange programs originating in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

She originally came to Morocco as an undergraduate on study abroad in 2008, but fell in love and decided she had to find a way to come back. She returned in 2010-2011 as a Fulbright scholar, where she was hosted for 9 months in Azrou by Mr. Lotfi Lamrani and his family. She now thinks of Morocco as her second country, and the Lamrani household as her second home.

She joined the MIUCC team in June 2014. 

Sabah Baybay (F):

  • At Ministry of Culture.
  • Cultural affairs officer at MIUCC.
  • Sabah is one of the most prominent activists in women’s rights and National affairs.

HiRo SaiKa (F. From Japan):

  • International Communication Responsible.
  • Art projects Adviser.

Royal Fine Art Academy of Brussels (atelier of Marianne Dock) from 1992 till 1994 and from 1995 till 2000.Wimbledon School of Arts, London from 1994 till 1995.

The Fine Art Academy of Uccle (atelier of Dirk Vonck) in 2004 and 2005.

Her work is on display in Belgium, France, England and Japan

Mouni Naili (M. From Morocco):

  • Cross cultural programs Manager.
  • Children in disabilities service coordinator.
  • Deaf children sings language teacher.

Mounir’s social engagement and commitment makes of him a great youth leader.

Gregory Sturgess (M. From Canada):

  • International contacts.

About Me: I really enjoyed doing what I could to advance the developing county in which we lived. One person can make a huge difference. I know I've seen it. We had financed and operated our own little school, free to everyone. We were in constant meetings with Govt. Officials at all levels. And we had just become Certified as an official Non Profit Association. Even the King had heard about our work. I felt very privileged to have had these life changing opportunities. We had only started, to paint this huge empty canvass called awareness...


A world of the Founder & Managing Director:

“Finally, on the behalf of our team, I would like to express my deep heartfelt thanks to all our National and International network partners for their kind and outstanding collaboration and, also, to my friends (Sister and Brother) Dr Paula Pratt and Dr Bob Mittan from the USA who were behind so much guidance and empowerment to me to start my cross cultural initiatives. Since then, I am not looking for the meaning of life any more; I have a passion and mission in life”.

Lotfi Lamarani

A note from Dr Paula Pratt:

I first crossed the "bridge of cultures" and met Lotfi Lamrani while teaching at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane in October, 2002. My friend, Bob Mittan, and I were in Azrou looking for furniture and came across the shop where Lotfi was working. The rest, as they say, is history. Lotfi and Roqia and their children welcomed us into their family, and we spent many happy times with them at their home. I remember sitting with Lotfi many times in an Azrou cafe while he showed me his plans for his projects, talked about the films he was beginning to work on, and began to think about The Bridge of Cultures and the Azrou Friendship Force.

I am delighted to see Lotfi's dreams coming to fruition, and look back fondly to the years we spent between Ifrane and Azrou. He has truly become my brother, and I am very proud of the work he continues to do to build more bridges across cultures.