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Film Production Services

Our experienced and engaged crew can take care of all your filming and production needs. We offer assistance with:

- Obtaining a film permit

- Finding and selecting locations throughout Morocco

- Technical & Art equipment

- Appropriate props and costume

- Help in casting

- Transportation

- Catering and accommodations
Please contact us for more information.

Past Film Projects:

Crossing Borders
Arnd Wächter: Director
Lotfi Lamrani: Line production manager & Producer Assistant.

A film about four American students and four Moroccan students who traveled together in Morocco.
Sharing experiences, Encountering the “Other”, Discovering themselves.

Crossing Borders was selected at the following International Film Festivals:

1. Illinois International Film Festival 2009 Winner: “Best International Feature Documentary”
2. Los Angeles Global Film Festival 2010
Winner: Best Documentary
3. Honolulu Film Festival 2010
Winner: “Gold Kahuna Award”

4. Utopia Film Festival 2010
Winner: "Utopian Visions"
5. DocMiami International Film Festival 2010
6. Awareness Festival Los Angeles 2010 7. Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival 2010
8. Charlotte Film Festival 2010

9. FILManthropy Festival 2010

Casablanca Mon Amour

Directed by John Slattery
Lotfi Lamrani: Production Manager

A cross-cultural journey from Casablanca to Hollywood and back again.

Casablanca Mon Amour selected at International Festivals Nov. & Dec. 2012:

1. A special preview screening at San Francisco Film Society Festival
2. Los Angeles Film Festival,
3. Dubai International 9th Film Festival 2012