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Friendship Force and Professional Exchanges

Morocco International Understanding and Citizenship Center is an inspiration from the long fruitful collaboration and work of The Friendship Force International Organization (FFI), Friendship Force Morocco and the Bridge of Cultures NOP Organization.

FFAM started in 2006 and was officially chartered by the FFI in Atlanta in 2009.

In a relatively short time we expanded and became a Moroccan network of FF Members and host families in various cities: Rabat, Salé, Fes, Azrou, Erfoud  and Marrakech.

Since we started we have hosted delegations of Friendship Force Ambassadors from different clubs and countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica and Japan.

MIUCC was created with the purpose to reinforce and promote morally and practically the Friendship philosophy to promote global understanding and peace across the barriers that separate people.

In addition to our work in the cross cultural peace education, in our community, we do our best to support children with disabilities, we provide to children and youth English, French and computer literacy courses and also, initiation to mediation and conflict resolution, Leadership, Civic Engagement and Community Services.

This is how we would like to contribute to a Global Change for a Better World.

A World of Friends is a World of Peace.

We host 3 to 4 FF Exchanges per year and we are looking forward to welcoming more!

Like our student programs, our FF and professional exchanges are tailored to each specific group and include a variety of activities, including

- Meetings in Parliament/ with politicitans
- Meeting NPO/cooperative leaders
- Home stays and time spent with ordinary citizens
- Lectures and debates on topics of interest to the group
- Trips to important historical and cultural sites
- Arts and cultural events
- Opportunities to volunteer
- Lessons in Arabic or Tamazight (Berber)

Please contact us to learn more and let us know what your group is interested in!

Nancy Hayden, Program Lead for C-WAC at Sandia National Laboratories and  PhD candidate in public policy at The University of Maryland:

“….It is here that we meet a remarkable individual – Lotfi Lamrani –….Lotfi teaches us much about public leadership with his gentle manner, humor, wisdom, attentive care, gracious hospitality, and personal sacrifice. Our whole group agrees that Lotfi is a treasure.  It is not only his fluency in English, French, and Arab language that we value, but his understanding of Morocco, its place in the region, and his grasp of the universal human rights, democracy, and leadership issues that are the purpose of our trip…He not only grasps the underlying principles, he lives them…."

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