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Most of our programs for students are around 2 weeks long, and normally include visits to Rabat/Sale, Fez, Azrou and the Sahara. Longer trips visit more cities.

Each exchange can include:

Student Programs

1. Courses in Fus’ha (Standard Arabic), Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Tamazight (Berber).


2. Lectures and debates led by politicians, scholars and practitioners in a range of fields

Past programs have focused on topics such as:
- Human rights.
- The new family code and women and children’s rights
- Fighting terrorism and all kinds of extremism.
- The National Initiative for the Human development.
- Morocco and the Arab spring.
- Mediation and Conflict Resolution in the Moroccan Sahara.
- Arab / Amazigh culture.
- Islam and religious tolerance and coexistence in Morocco.
- Economical development and International relations.
- Migration in Morocco.
- Films and Documentaries production


3. An opportunity to interact with community leaders

Past students have met leaders of multiple women's cooperatives which create rugs, coffee, couscous, and argan oil, and other NGO directors

4. An opportunity to interact with Moroccan families an ordinary citizens

5. Home Stays

On shorter programs, home stays may last 2-3 days. It seems short, but you will be surprised to see how quickly you grow close to your Moroccan family. And Moroccan hospitality can't be beat!

6. Visits to key cultural and historical sites

7. Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with us in Morocco is a mind opening and rewarding experience that exposes you to another culture, allowing full immersion in the beliefs, language, customs and food of other communities. Whatever the kind of services you offer to the other in need, you will make a change and have an impact on future generations. You will break down stereotypes and build bridges between your community and your hosts.

Past students have volunteered with 

- Activities for children with disabilities

- Teaching English or French

- Renovating and painting art in a Moroccan school

- Building cross-cultural programming in Moroccan elementary schools

We work with each group individually to design a custom exchange which includes the experiences most relevant to them. Don't hesitate to ask us about any topic or trip that you are interested in and we will do our best to arrange it for you. We always provide an intense immersion in Moroccan culture, and a chance to build bridges between Moroccan people and our visitors.


We welcome you to join us and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Diana M. Ridgwell, Ph.D., Director of the Undergraduate Research Institute, Virginia Tech:

"Dear Lotfi,
…We were thoroughly impressed with your work and the wonderful programs and opportunities your organization can provide to our students.  It is clear to us that you have a well-organized, community-based program that will provide a great educational experience to students while allowing us to give back to the community as well.

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